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Why Work At Home

Currently throughout the United States the average minimum wage is about $7.00 per hour, And due to the rising costs of living, This wage is barely enough to cover the expenses of an 18 – 25 year old living at home after you add car payment, insurance and personal expenses.

And what about those who are trying to run a household and feed a family on this wage, or the growing number of senior citizens, or disabled people who didn’t expect that prices would rise higher than their pension, social security, or disability checks cover.

Because of these increases, most families are now finding it necessary for both parents to work thus causing even more debt and expenses that usually include a second car, gas, insurance, day care, clothes, make – up and more for women, and worst of all, it means having your children raised by strangers in day care facilities.

But recently, an even more horrible thing has happened.

People all around the world have become victims of the recession, and are losing their jobs, or have had their hours cut.

And many of those who are still employed are worried that they will be the next to lose their jobs.

People are losing their homes, and the cost of groceries is still rising.

And because of job shortages we fear that many more will suffer before a solution is found that will put the world back on the right track.

But there is something you can do about it…

Working at home can be a good option for those who are serious and put in the time to really work to build an income online.

But you have to work in order to build an income online…

Also, there are some things you need to know before you start, so Please read all the articles on this site as they are the truth about working at home and making money.

There are millions of people worldwide who are turning to the internet to try and make enough money to live on, and the money is there to be made if you really work to help build your own home business..

We can help show you how, but in order to be successful – EVERY member MUST do their part to help build their own success story.

Within this site, we will provide the information that is necessary to help ensure your success in the work at home industry, plus advice on setting up a home office, advice on how to avoid scams, the truth about MLM, which companies are offering legitimate work at home opportunities and programs, how to make money, and more.

So, If you are serious about having extra money, or a reliable income to accomplish your goals and dreams in life, keep reading. You have come to the right place.

But, If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, or if you have the idea that you can fool the companies that offer these opportunities into sending you a miracle paycheck every week in the mail for doing nothing,

STOP RIGHT HERE and go look for a job. You are doomed to fail in the work at home industry..

This site was designed to help only those who are serious about having an income from home and working with legitimate companies that are looking for honest, reliable, workers who are ready to go to work and make money now.

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The Wave Of The Future

Working at home was once considered to be something futuristic, and those few who worked at home just 10 short years age were looked at as some curious type of being who couldn’t make it in the real world.

They were unfairly teased and taunted when in truth, they were ahead of their time, and deep down those who did the teasing were jealous of the workers who were creating successful careers working from their kitchen tables.

Well, those days are gone.

Working at home is quickly becoming recognized, as a viable solution for many companies and individuals needs for quite a few different reasons.

Recent historical events, and technological advancements are forcing companies to take a close look at how they do business, and at how much of this business can be farmed out in order to cut costs and create a safer work environment. As a result, work at home companies have sprung up across the country and are looking to expand their work forces by taking in some of this farmed out work.

These new types of work at home companies are constantly looking for serious workers who want, or need to make a decent living for themselves and their families.

And although still in its infancy, the future is here, and more and more people every week are reaping the benefits of working from the privacy of their own home.

Take a moment and look back at some of the biggest and most successful companies in America today, and please remember that these companies did not magically appear and succeed overnight.

Most of them started with an idea while sitting metaphorically speaking at the kitchen table. They didn’t start with millions of dollars to work with. A lot of them were started in someone’s garage, basement, or extra room on a shoe string budget and with a lot of hard work, expanded to the size they are today.

What is the one thing they all have in common ?

They owe their success to their belief in their product, and a lot of hard work, and the personal belief that they could succeed.

Some of these American companies were started almost a hundred years ago, and are still going strong today. They went from being quote basement type companies to large multi million dollar corporations that have been handed down within families for generations and chances are that they will continue in this manner thus ensuring their families wealth for generations to come.

So in essence, work at home has actually been around since the beginning of time, but over the last hundred years many people have forgotten history because of all the great technological advancements of our age. But, work at home has evolved.

Before the 1900’s and big business, most people worked at home. They were farmers or tradesmen. During the 1900’s big corporations gave us a place to go and do our work.

Today, companies are outsourcing a lot of their work, and network marketing companies are springing up all over the internet offering people a chance to work and make money. It’s really no different than the advancement of many things that have happened during the last 100 years.

As an example, for those of us old enough to remember, 78 lp records became 33 lp records and 45’s, then came 8 track tapes, then cassette tapes, and now cd’s.

Well work at home has advanced much the same way and network marketing is the product of this work evolution, but even better. The network marketing companies are actually allowing you to “be your own boss”.

You can start a business on a shoestring budget as discussed above, and grow it as large as you like, in the privacy of your home. It offers all of us a way to work without all the added hassles and expenses, and it will be as profitable as you want to make it.

Our advice, Don’t let the future happen without you.

Because at the rate we are advancing, we estimate that about 70% of the world’s work force will be working at home in some manner by the year 2040.

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Information Every Home Worker Needs

If you have decided to take the plunge and work at home seriously, the information on this page may come in handy.

In the articles leading up to this one, we have stressed the necessity and value of working at home, and what it takes to make a great income at home. But, there are some other issues that may come into play as you are working towards your goals, So this page was designed to give you ideas on how to deal with some of the issues you may encounter.

# 1. The most important issue on our list is family.

Like most people who work at home, your friends and family may have difficulty understanding what you are doing.

They will have crazy comments like “Oh, that will never work” or “Why don’t you go and get a real job” We have heard it all, and if you have tried before and failed, you have too.

But the truth is that their tunes will change when they see you making an income.

Until then, they have to try and understand the realities that you already know about if you have read all of the articles on this site, and give you a chance to prove that you will finally make money.

The solution: Try to create a work schedule that fits. When your spouse is at work and the kids are at school is a great time for you to work on your programs. Even if you only have a couple hours a day to spend, try to make it count.

If you are a member of Best Free Home Jobs your coach will help give you even more ideas.

# 2. Multiple streams of Income.

Working just one program is like having one job, And if something happens to that program, Just like a job, it can cost you dearly to try and find another one.

This is why we recommend joining multiple programs.

This is how the people who make the big bucks do it. $3,000 per month from one program, and 7,000 per month from another, and 5,000 per month from yet another adds up to $15,000 per month. That way if they lose one of their programs, they aren’t starting back at $0. fighting to start all over again.

The secret is to have something for everyone. If you have just one program, you only have one product to offer. If you have multiple programs, you have more to offer those looking for a work at home opportunity.

# 3. Joining programs that say guaranteed income, or no recruiting required on the site.

This usually doesn’t work, and in all our searching, we have only found one totally legal and reliable opportunity where you can earn money every month without recruiting. This is the “Driven Rapid Wealth” where members can be in profit by using the advertising and get paid from the bonus pool at the same time.

Click Here To View The “Driven Rapid Wealth” Program

The only other exception is in a program where you have a really strong upline person willing to do the recruiting for you, or a team of people willing to work to help build a downline for you like we do here at Best Free Home Jobs.

# 4. Interview your upline.

This is probably one of the most important tips that we have.

If you find a new program that you would like to join, it is very important to interview the person that you will be working with by either telephone or email and find out how much that person has been paid in the program, and how that person is going to help you.

Find out if they are seriously going to be able to help you, or will you be left to try and figure it out on your own, building all alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask them these questions. . .

How long have you been with this program ?
How much money are you making ?
How much money have you actually been paid ?
How long did it take you to make this amount ?
How much time do you spend working this program per week ?
How much time will you be able to spend helping me ?
If you are new to Network Marketing, or not able to recruit, it is very important to make sure that your upline is a real worker, willing to work with you, and help you, and not a program jumper.

And, Your upline should already be making over $1,000.00 per month in the program and already been paid at least once before you consider joining with them. ( Especially if you have difficulty recruiting )

# 5. Just say no

It’s like hitting the lottery. When you learn to recruit and start making money in programs, you will find that you have a lot of new friends who want you to come and work their programs.

If you are not sure of a program, Just say no.

# 6. Be Prepared To Have Patience

Very few people make money their first 1 – 3 months in a new program
UNLESS they already know what they are doing,

But we believe that this is why you should join a work at home club,
And this is why Best Free Home Jobs was created.

To help people learn that working at home can be a rewarding and productive experience,
And that it does take work and patience.

Please remember, It takes time to learn any new job and working at home is no different.

*NOTE* We will be adding more to this page, so please return at least once a month.

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Is MLM A Rip Off ?

Is Network Marketing A Rip Off ???

NO….. It Is Not.

We hear many people complain that they have never made money in network marketing, or any other work at home business after they were promised that the money would be so easy to make.

So the question becomes, Why did they fail?

Our research shows that they failed for one or more of they following reasons.

1) The program was bad.
2) The program was above their experience level.
3) No help from the upline or company.
4) Lack of personal effort.

Any one or a combination of the above reasons can cause the person who needs to make money to fail. So people go from program to program looking for the one that will work when what they really need is to learn how to succeed.

Now let’s look at the 4 reasons above in more detail.


In truth, very few of the programs offered on the internet are scams. Most of the owners of programs started them for all the right reasons, and lots of good intentions, but in the cases of the bad ones, something went wrong.

We feel that a big part of their failures may be mismanagement, and that they were not prepared for the amount of work and time that it takes to create a successful business. This happens in corporate America everyday also.

Businesses start up and run for a few months or years, then discover that they can not succeed. When it happens in your city everyone accepts it, and those who lose their jobs just go find another job. But when it happens on the internet and a program has problems everyone calls it a scam. This has given the network marketing industry an undeserved bad reputation.

Yes, there are some scammers on the internet. This is why we must be very careful about what companies we sign up with. And yes, there are some checks that anyone can do to test out the companies themselves before signing up.

Most internet programs are not scams, and new safeguards are in place to police the internet and protect the people.


Network marketing is not much different than any other kind of job. You sign up for a program and then find a way that works to recruit for the program.

And just like a normal job, we feel that network marketing takes different skill levels for different types of programs. That is why we developed our levels to success.

Levels to success can help new marketers know how to start in network marketing, and also what kinds of programs are good for beginners.

For example:

Let’s say someone is looking for a job at a local fast food restaurant but has no experience. Can that person walk into the restaurant and take a managers position and succeed ???

Most of the time, No. They usually have to start at something easy and work their way up. Well, network marketing is no different.


There are many good programs that are very easy for new marketers, but that doesn’t guarantee success. If you are a new marketer, or if you have never succeeded in a program, you need to work with someone who is willing to work with you, and teach you what they know. This is why it is never a good idea to just join a program without talking to the person you are being sponsored by.

If you are a new marketer, make sure that you ask the right questions.

For example:

If you are taking a job with a company, wouldn’t you ask questions about what kind of training and help you are going to receive to help you succeed before you accept the position ???

This is no different…


There are no guarantees in life, or network marketing.

Once in a great while, someone will luck out and make a lot of money in a program without any effort. (And once in a while someone hits the lottery) But most of us are going to have to make it the old fashioned way. WORK.

Successful network marketing is not hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to make money. The concept is so simple that even lazy people can make a decent amount of money doing it.
But, you must make a little effort everyday towards your own success.

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The Truth About MLM

The Truth As We See It…

Since the beginning of time, people have worked from home. They had to in order to survive. Most were farmers or tradesmen and spent their days tending to their crops or their chosen craft or trade. The men worked the fields, milked the cows, and hunted, while the women and children canned the fruits and vegetables, dried the meat, tended the chickens, made blankets and clothes, or did other things so that they had items to trade with their neighbors to have the necessities that they couldn’t afford or provide for themselves. Their life was very hard and not very rewarding.

The history books are full of the hardships that our ancestors had to endure in order to just survive, and most of us have had at least one elderly friend or relative who had their own stories about the hardships of growing up.

No air conditioning or refrigerator, No grocery stores, No electricity.

These people worked from sun up to sun down just to survive. Nothing more.

Then came the 1900’s and modern conveniences. These things were great. People no longer had to suffer the hardships of working the farms. They could move to the cities and make lots of money working for corporations and go home to enjoy all of the great technological advancements society offered. Life and making money became easier and easier.

This has worked for about the last hundred years, but now technology is finding ways to improve the operations of companies and the great advancement of automation and technology is now costing many American’s their jobs. Some companies are making more money than ever outsourcing to other countries, Others are being forced to outsource jobs to other countries in order to just survive as labor rates skyrocket. But it takes less people to operate efficiently.

This trend will continue. . .

More and more people will lose their jobs as technology moves forward.

But what happened to the people during all of these great technological advancements ?

Society had found an easier way of life. People no longer had to work their lives away just to survive. We all have reaped the benefits of technology. Fast transportation, microwaves, washing machines, computers and more. . .

But, is this a good thing ?

Well, All of us take these great amenities for granted every day. But many people who are looking to make money the fast way, are looking to get rich quick so that they can have even more without doing any work to earn it.

Well unless someone hits the lottery, It doesn’t work that way.


At this time, the only viable solution is for people to work from home. And, the fastest and most economical way to make a decent income is in the network marketing and work from home industry.

We hear people complain everyday that the American government is not doing enough to create jobs for Americans.

We ask these questions.

How is our government supposed to create jobs to ensure that every American has money when the major companies of the world are looking for ways to run more effectively in order for them to survive, and where, or how is the government supposed to create these jobs ?

It is our opinion that it is not the responsibility of the government to create a life for us.

It is the responsibility of each one of us as American’s to live the American dream, and to work in order to make our dreams come true.

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Can I Really Make Money At Home

Yes, You Can.

Thousands of people around the world are currently making a decent to fantastic living working at home everyday, and so can you.

Some of these successful people started working at home by choice, but most are working at home because they have to. They didn’t have a choice. They are people who have had hardships in their lives. Some lost their jobs and then discovered that there was no longer a place for them in the corporate world so they turned to network marketing, and happily discovered that they could put in the same hours they worked in the corporate world and make tons more money working on the internet at home, with a lot less stress and hassle than they had in their other jobs.

In truth, anybody can make great money on the internet. All it takes is work, diligence and perseverance.

The truth, there is only 1 guarantee in life. You get back from life what you put into it.

For example:

Take a moment and think of any great or famous person. It could be a singer, actor, sports star, inventor, president, doctor, or child that gets straight A’s in school.

Now ask yourself this question.

Was this greatness just miracled to them, or did they have to work at it ?

O.K., so maybe 1 in a million got lucky and had a miracle bestowed upon them, but for the rest of us, the plain and simple truth is that we have to work for it.

And what about the famous people?

How many hours does the famous actor have to practice daily so he can make big bucks in the movies we enjoy ?

How many hours does the famous basketball player have to practice daily to get and keep his big bucks contract ?

How long after school does it take a teenager or college student to study to keep straight A’s in school ?

And, Did you know that it took Edison over 300 tries to finally invent the light we enjoy daily.

And just like the famous people you are thinking about, some days are easy, and some days are not so easy, but they kept their focus on their goal till they finally made it.

Working at home is no different.

You have to work in order to succeed and achieve your goals in life.

There are many great work at home opportunities on the internet, and most of them were created by people who want to help people make money, and help make the world a better place to live. These companies are in essence, offering us a little corner of their business that we can grow and make money with. How well we do in the programs is up to us.

If you want to succeed, you have to care enough to put a little bit of personal effort towards creating your success.

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Getting Started In Work At Home

You’ve made the decision, and you’re ready to make money.

So now the question is, How do I start, and What do I do?

Well, you have a few options.

You can join that program that your friend is trying to get you into, You can try and find something that might work that someone emailed you, Or you can call and have a FREE consultation with us, and get more information and the help you need to be successful.

Operators at Best Free Home Jobs are available from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST. daily. Call (760) 868 – 0945 for your FREE work at home consultation, and start making money tomorrow.

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Levels To Success

Over the years, and from our personal successes and failures, we have found that some programs are very easy to make money with, and others are very hard to make money with. And although the only way to true success is through our own personal work, we discovered that there are some programs that are easier to make money with than others.

We worked to try and find a format that we could use to separate the programs by level of difficulty fairly, and finally came up with the solution below, and we use this same format (plus our own testing) to rate all of the programs we promote to our members.

We call it “the levels to success” rating system.

This system separates programs into four levels of difficulty, Levels 1, 2, 3, and 12, or more simply easy, medium, hard, and extremely hard.


Level 1 programs are very, very, very easy to make money with, and usually (but not always) have a forced matrix for its members.( 3×6, 2×9 etc… )

Their products are very simple, And usually include advertising or other business building tools, and they never, never, never have products that are mailed to your home.

Level 1 programs are great for the new home worker, or for those who have never made any real money while involved in a program, because they usually have advertising or other online products that can help the home worker to succeed, and they usually don’t have any type of qualifications or restrictions on recruiting in order to get paid, so even if you can’t recruit, you can get paid on just spillover while you learn how to recruit new members.

They are usually a monthly pay type of program, which means that you have to pay a subscription payment monthly in order to keep your space in the program active, and make a reliable residual monthly income.

There is lots of money to be made quickly in level 1 programs if you find the right one, and are working with the right people.


Monthly pay programs are the only way to make a reliable monthly income in any program.

Beware of one time pay programs that promise a residual income, as it is mathematically impossible long term for a company to keep paying out money monthly when there is no money coming into the program.

Never, never join a program that promises spillover unless you know the people who are in the program above you. Spillover is not a magical thing. It has to be created by someone working the program above you.


Level 2 programs are a little more difficult and may require some personal recruiting in order for the home worker to make money. As far as difficulty, Level 2 programs are kind of in between. A little bit harder than a level 1, but not as hard as a level 3 programs.


Level 3 programs are hard and require that you personally recruit members in order for you to make money.

There are no miracles in a level 3 program, and little or no spillover.

These are the programs that require each home worker to make it on his own, or fail, and usually makes the home worker feel that they are competing for the prize of the giant Panda Bear at the carnival. When playing the games at the carnival, when you win your first game they give you a trinket, then entice you to keep trying to win and trade that trinket for prize that is a little bit larger, and a little bit larger until you have won enough games to earn the giant Panda.

Well, Level 3 programs are no different.

When you work your heart out and reach the first level you receive a trinket (bonus), then you can trade in that trinket for each level that you complete until you have reached the top position available in that program, and just like trying to win that giant Panda at the carnival, Level 3 programs usually end up being costly and very difficult for the average home worker to achieve their money goals in a reasonable time frame.

Level 3 programs usually require the purchase of some type of product (usually lotions and potions) that is mailed to your home every month as a requirement to be a part of their program.

Homeworkers International does not promote any level 3 programs.


The recruiters of these companies will try and convince you that in order to make the big bucks you have to be part of a big company. This is simply not true… You can make just as much money in an easy program as you can in a hard one, and sometimes much easier.


If you are wondering why the jump from 3 to 12, it is to try to show the difference in the level of difficulty.

Level 3 programs are hard, Level 12 programs are extremely difficult to make money with, and usually, only the seasoned veterans of network marketing will ever make the big money.

The rest just continue to feed the cause.

Level 12 programs include anything that include the word “binary” anywhere within their description of the program.

Again, these programs can be great money makers, but they are extremely difficult for the average home worker to succeed.

Homeworkers International does not promote any level 12 programs.


Again, the recruiters of these companies will try and convince you that in order to make the big bucks you have to be part of a big company. This is simply not true… You can make just as much money in an easy program as you can in a hard one, and sometimes much easier.

Another example of very hard programs are Typing at home, Data Processing or Envelope Stuffing, and although there is money to be made at home working with these programs ( If you find a good one ) Trust us when we say, It’s the hardest work you will ever do for a little money.

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The Secrets Of Success

Success is not an accident, It’s planned for.

We have heard this phrase repeated by several very successful work at home network marketers that we have met that are actually making tens of thousands of dollars per month, every single month.


Many people every week ask us this very question. How do they do it?

They make it sound soooooo easy. Like they just fell into it by luck. but the truth is, they worked hard to get to where they are today. They had dreams, goals, and desires that drove them to work hard and succeed, and they were willing to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week seriously for 2 years or more to make it happen.

You to can have this success. We will show you how.

So, if you are serious about making this kind of money, and you are willing to work to guarantee your own success, Call (760)868-0945. We want to talk to you. We will show you how to make big money every month.

But what about the people who can’t work those kind of hours every day?

You can still make a great monthly income that will vary between $1,000. – $10,000. per month for doing little or nothing if you are working with the right people or program, and follow 3 simple rules.

Rule # 1.
Never be a program jumper. Jumping from program to program trying to find the one that will pay. . . DOES NOT WORK.

Choose a program, and make a commitment to stay with that program for at least one year, and stick with it.

Rule # 2.
If you are new to the work from home industry, Can’t work 6 – 12 hours per day, or if you have never made over $1,000. per month, never, never, never join a level 3 opportunity. Level 3 opportunities are only for those people who have succeeded in level 1 and 2 opportunities. (See level explanations for more information) If you are not qualified to work a level 3 opportunity, you will fail. This is a waste of your money.

Rule # 3.
If you are a beginner to work from home, (A beginner makes less than $1,000. per month) Never, Never, Never join a program that will cost you more than $100. per month to be a member.

So now the question is…


If you answered yes, You’ve come to the right place. We can help you.

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Earn While You Learn

As you have seen on this site, Best Free Home Jobs is truly dedicated to helping the home workers, and we have designed this site in such a way that it helps to let the home worker know the truth about working at home.

We have gathered this knowledge from years and years of our own practice in work at home, network marketing and MLM, but there is far to much information to share to fit into just one site, and because every home worker has different needs, we have designed our “Learn While You Earn” program to be set up and personalized just for you.

This program will teach you how to become successful in the work at home arena with one on one personalized help by telephone and email with your own success coach who will guide you step by step to sucessfully making money.

And best of all, It’s FREE.

To find out if you qualify for our “Learn While You Earn” program, please answer the following questions.

Are you serious about making $1,000. – $20,000. or more per month at home ?
Are you willing to spend 1 – 2 hours a week learning how to be successful ?
Are you willing to spend 5 – 10 hours a week working in order to succeed ?
Are you willing to make a small investment in a program that will make you money?
If you answered “yes” to all 4 of the questions above, then you qualify for our earn while you learn program.

Now is the time to take advantage of what we have spent years to learn, and start making money today before this great FREE learning opportunity passes you by.

Call (760) 868 – 0945 today to sign up for your FREE position in the “Earn While You Learn” program.

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Work At Home Words And Their Definitions

MLM is short for multi level marketing, and multi level marketing are the words used to describe many of the internet programs that are available for home workers to make money with.

Network Marketing
Another name for MLM, multi level marketing, or networking where a system is used via personal and professional contacts in order to build a mutual program to benefit all the parties involved.

Residual Income
Although the dictionary defines the word residual as some type of residue that is left over after something has been used or destroyed, it also defines it as a type of payment that is made usually for actors, writers, and workers for a repeat showing of the completed commercial or other type of work.

In the case of MLM and other network marketing programs, Residual income is the money that is be sent to the home worker every month for the work that was done in the past.

Residual Income is a great thing, as it gives the home worker a chance to add to the last months income and make it larger until the home worker acheives the desired amount of income.

Beware of one time pay programs that promise a residual income, as it is mathematically impossible long term for a company to keep paying out money monthly when there is no money coming into the program.

One of the greatest things about working a forced matrix is spillover.

Spillover is a word that describes what happens in a forced matrix when someone falls into the spaces below you and you get paid for them. But beware, as spillover is only created if the levels above you in the program are working to bring people into the program.

Never, never join a program that promises spillover unless you know the people who are in the program above you. Spillover is not a magical thing. It has to be created by someone working the program above you for you to receive it.